Thinking Of Cooler Days

Message From The Director

As I sit down to write this, it's clear that the summer heat hasn't loosened its grip just yet. With beads of sweat rolling and one or two ranger hats in need of a break, we've witnessed visitors seeking refuge in our parks all summer long. From plunges into the Atlantic waves to leisurely floats down the Edisto River on a massive peacock float, people have found creative ways to enjoy the season while keeping cool within our parks.

August marks a final hurrah for summer for many of our visitors. Families with school-aged children strive to squeeze in one last extended getaway to their beloved campsite or cabin. Those who revel in the warmth of the season make every effort to soak up as many lakeside days as they can muster, while others find solace beneath the spray of Sesquicentennial's splash pad or alongside the inviting pool at Hickory Knob. Despite summer's persistent heat, routines shift as the season winds down. Yet, even as summer transitions, we find ourselves yearning for the slightly cooler days that lie ahead.

Autumn months in our parks offer an array of activities for you to partake in. One of our most popular annual events, the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival, is fast approaching at Huntington Beach State Park. From September 22 to 24, the park will burst with activity as over 100 artisans display their crafts against the backdrop of the stunning Atalaya castle. While the festival garners much-deserved attention, did you know that a multitude of other exciting events have also been planned for this fall?

From festivals and races to cozy campouts with s'mores, this autumn unfurls as a splendid opportunity to orchestrate your own park experience! Personally, I am currently narrowing down options for my upcoming adventures with Grammy. Here's a glimpse of what we're contemplating, along with the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival:

• Embarking on a sunset paddle with a ranger at Croft State Park on September 23.

• Volunteering at the Palmetto Campout at Sesquicentennial, where we'll assist new families in learning the ropes of camping on October 7.

Piecing together the past at Charles Towne Landing on October 21.

• Enjoying the Edisto Blackwater Boogie at Givhans Ferry State Park on October 27.

• Delving into the past with the Life in the Waxhaws Lantern Tour at Andrew Jackson State Park on November 4.

With our plans still taking shape, one thing is certain: we eagerly anticipate spending time in our parks this fall.

As your summer escapades draw to a close, don't delay in mapping out your next grand adventure. Perhaps you'll opt for a thrilling paddling race at Devils Fork, an enchanting campfire experience at Lake Greenwood, or an enlightening exploration of medicinal plants at the Battle of Rivers Bridge State Historic Site. Whatever park activity you choose, I hope you find your next park experience as exciting as I know Grammy and I will!!


August 2023