Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are provided to ensure that your visit is pleasant and enjoyable. These policies are maintained in consideration of our guests and to protect the resources within South Carolina’ s state parks. Please be sure that all members of your party are aware of these conditions prior to arrival. While this abridged listing does not include all regulations pertaining to activities in state parks, it does address some of the more common questions and concerns.

Unlawful Acts In State Parks include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Destroying, defacing, disturbing or removing any part of any building, sign, structure or equipment.
  • Destroying, cutting, breaking, removing, defacing, mutilating, injuring, taking or gathering any tree, shrub, other plant or plant part, rock, mineral, or geological feature except by permit issued by the Department.
  • Dumping any refuse or waste, including grey water, from any trailer or other vehicle except in places or receptacles provided for such use.
  • Operating vehicles in a reckless manner, or in excess of posted speed limits, or in areas other than those specifically intended for vehicular traffic.
  • Consuming or displaying in public any beverage of alcoholic content, including beer and wine, except where specifically authorized by the Department.
  • Acting in a disorderly manner or creating any noise which would result in annoyance to others.
  • Engaging in or soliciting business within a park or facility except where authorized by the Department and no person shall distribute, post, place or erect any bills, notices, paper or advertising device or matter of any kind without consent of the Department.
  • Bringing a dog or any other animal into the park or facility unless it is crated, caged or upon a leash not longer than six feet or otherwise under physically restrictive control at all times.
  • Entering a facility or area without regard to restrictions on public use.

Unlawful acts in state parks are defined in Title 51, Chapter 3, Section 145 of the 1976 Code of Laws of South Carolina.

Any person violating the provisions of this section of the law shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be subject to a fine or imprisonment.

To ensure that your state park experience is enjoyable, please be aware of the dynamic characteristics of the natural environment.  There are some areas that may be potentially hazardous.  All visitors should exercise caution when visiting any state park.  Anyone who is unsure about possible hazards should contact a park ranger.

Campground Rules & Regulations

  • All fires must be confined to designated grills or areas.
  • Roadside parking is prohibited.  Parking on unoccupied campsites is prohibited.
  • Golf carts must display a valid permit at all times and must be driven by a licensed driver.
  • Campers are allowed either a maximum of one trailer/RV and one tent, or two tents per site.
  • No more than six persons (or one family) may occupy the same site.
  • Campers must check in at 2 p.m. and check out at noon.
  • Registered campers may not change sites without permission from the park staff.
  • Visitors not registered for an overnight stay are required to pay the park admission.
  • Two sites designated for use by disabled persons are available at each park.
  • Maximum length of stay on a particular site is 14 nights.
  • Cancellations and changes are subject to charges based on the notice given. Early departures are subject to cancellation policies.  Transaction fees are non-refundable.
  • South Carolina senior citizens (age 65 and older) and disabled residents may register for a campsite at a reduced rate.  The qualifying individual must be present for the duration of the stay.


For More Information

South Carolina State Park Service
1205 Pendleton Street
Columbia, SC 29201

To Make a Reservation

Reservations can be made for up to 13 months in advance.  To make a reservation for cabins, camping, picnic shelters and most meeting facilities call toll-free 1-866-345-PARK (7275) or reserve online.  Reservations for group camps and primitive camping must still be made through the state park.

Park Office Hours

All parks have office hours between 11am – noon. Several parks have additional hours between 4-5pm. Offices
at the busier parks are open 9am-5pm.  Weekend office hours vary.


Pets must be on a leash or other physical restraint at all times.  Owners will be asked to remove noisy or dangerous pets or
pets that threaten or harass wildlife. Pets are not allowed in or around lodging facilities.

Senior Citizens, Blind & Disabled

South Carolina resident seniors who are at least 65 years of age, legally blind or disabled, qualify for certain rate reductions.
Proof of age or disability is required.  Rate reductions apply to admission, Palmetto Passport, camping, picnic shelters, and certain recreational activities.  These same rate reductions are extended to out-of-state U.S. residents only at:  Baker Creek, Calhoun Falls, Hamilton Branch, Hickory Knob, Lake Hartwell and Sadlers Creek.  There are no rate reductions for lodging, building or meeting facility rentals, leased facilities, resale items or equipment rentals.

Accessible Facilities

Designates parks with limited overnight lodging accommodations for the physically impaired. Campsites designated for disabled persons are available at all state park family campgrounds.