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The 11 a.m. tour at Redcliffe will not be held on the following dates due to school groups: Sept. 27, Oct. 10, 11, 24, Nov. 1, 7, 8, 22, Mar. 5, 12, 13, 26 and Apr. 2, 16.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Grounds: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., daily
House Tours: Thursday – Monday. 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

11 a.m. tour subject to cancellation due to school groups. Please contact the park if interested in the 11 a.m. tour.


11 a.m. - noon, daily

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Park admission is free. House tours are $7.50 for adults, $5 for SC Seniors and students (age 6-16). Children age 5 and under are free.

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Pets are allowed in most outdoor areas provided they are kept under physical restraint or on a leash not longer than six feet.

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Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site



Redcliffe Plantation has been named as one of the "Top Ten Sites to Visit in South Carolina" by the SC African American Heritage Commission during Black History Month.  Please visit Green Book of SC, for information on other African American Cultural Sites in South Carolina.

**Our Ultimate Outsider stamp is located at the historic mansion on the side of the mansion closest to the stables.

Redcliffe Plantation, completed in 1859, was once the home of James Henry Hammond, three generations of his descendants, and numerous African-American families like the Henleys, Goodwins, & Wigfalls who worked at the site as slaves and later free men and women. Now one of the many historic plantations South Carolina has opened to the public, this site symbolizes the ambition, wealth and power of James Henry Hammond a successful cotton planter, congressman, governor and senator, who spent his life defending the southern plantation system and his status within it.

Just one of several historic plantations South Carolina is known for, Redcliffe provides a setting for exploring the experiences of the enslaved, as well as the larger institution of slavery and reflects the historical experiences and impact of the white and black families who lived and worked at the site. The extant slave quarters, mansion, and iconic lane of magnolia trees planted in 1861 serve to highlight the plantation’s rich and varied history.

The South Carolina State Park Service preserves historic resources including artifacts, structures, and cultural landscape features that document the layers of history and the patterns of change at Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site and other South Carolina State Historic Sites.

There are countless other South Carolina State Historic Sites to explore. Find another one of the finest plantation homes of the South at Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site.


1 historic house museum with 4,000+ artifacts from 4 generations of the Hammond family from 1859-1975

2 historic circa 1857 slave cabins, used to interpret the history of generations of families enslaved at Redcliffe

1 expansive porch where you can sit and catch a breeze

1 magnolia lane, perfect for strolling through these old, magnificent magnolias

19 primary source documents, 26 historic images, 100s of stories in the Visitor Center Exhibit

3 daily house tours held each Thursday through Monday at  11am, 1pm and 3pm

1 small gift shop that gives you the chance to purchase a momento from Redcliffe Plantation

369 acres with a rich and complex history that underlies its beauty