Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service

Message From The Director

The South Carolina State Park Service is proud of all of our employees. So many of them make so many sacrifices because they love what they do and the people they do it for! Our field employees get to work in some of the most beautiful locations in the state, and they, rightfully, pride themselves in providing exceptional customer service and taking care of these special places.  I am fortunate to often be on the receiving end of so calls about the great things our teams are doing.  In fact, even if the caller has a complaint about something, they typically start the conversation singing the praises of our team.  Providing a high level of quality customer service is the norm for our team.  In fact, it is very hard for them to separate themselves by being good with customers.  Hard, however, does not mean impossible!

Every year we are fortunate to be able to recognize employees from each region for their exceptional customer service skills.  Nominated by their supervisors, put up for consideration by their managers and selected by their regional chief, these employees embody the best of what we hope to offer in customer service.  From their interactions with visitors and co-workers, to the drive they show to make things better for everyone, they are all what we hope our park team members can be.  

As you are traveling parks, if you have the good fortune to meet any of these outstanding employees, be sure to say hello, and congratulate them on being our 2022 South Carolina State Park Service, Customer Service Award winners:


The next group of team members I would like to recognize exemplifies the best of what we hope to be.  They are the Park Rangers of the Year award winners from each region and the statewide Park Interpreter of the Year.  Like the other winners, they are nominated by their supervisors, put up for consideration by their managers and selected by the regional chiefs.  These winners are the front line of visitor contact and problem solving, they drive our programming efforts and make sure the parks are operating effectively. 

The 2022 Park Rangers of the Year are: 


2022 Park Interpreter of the Year: 


These names best represent what the South Carolina State Park Service is. At our core, we provide stewardship and service, and these employees help set the bar we all hope to achieve.  So next time you visit one of these sites, stop and say hello. I promise you won’t be disappointed.