Ranger Woody Goodwin

Park Service Profiles

When people visit Croft State Park, they often leave reviews saying things like, “The park is so well-kept” and “the rangers are so helpful.” Reviews like this are because of rangers like Woody Goodwin. Ranger Goodwin grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina and has always had a love and passion for the outdoors. While attending college, he interned with South Carolina State Parks and decided that being a park ranger is the career he wanted to pursue. After graduating, he began working at Devils Fork State Park and has worked at both Huntington Beach and Caesars Head state parks.

The duties that park rangers perform to maintain the park are endless. From trail and tree work, resource management, facility and equipment repairs, various construction projects and helping park visitors, Ranger Goodwin finds his job very satisfying. “The most satisfying thing about my job is that I get to use the talents and abilities God has given me to help visitors enjoy their time at state parks," Goodwin said. 

The thing that many park rangers enjoy most is the opportunity to work in such beautiful natural areas. Ranger Goodwin loves it so much, that “being stuck in the office doing paperwork when the weather is nice is something I don’t look forward to,” he said. Nevertheless, like many of the amazing rangers, he gets the job done!

Ranger Goodwin encourages others to become a park ranger if interested and says that being a park ranger is a “new adventure every day.” 

Thank you to Ranger Goodwin!  Your hard work and dedication to the South Carolina State Park Service does not go unnoticed.