Ranger Jacob Cynar

Park Service Profiles

When visiting state parks, you’ll learn that many of our park rangers have interesting stories to tell and grew up living in interesting places. Ranger Jacob Cynar, who works at Dreher Island State Park, is no different.  Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Ranger Cynar attended the University of South Carolina where he graduated with a degree in History. It was after his freshman year of college that he knew he wanted a career in the outdoors, where he would have the opportunity to help and educate people.

Ranger Cynar began his career at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site in June 2019 and was promoted to Kings Mountain State Park a few months after. Less than a year later, he earned another promotion and has been working at Dreher Island State Park since February of 2020. During his time in the state park service, he said, “the most satisfying part of my job is being able to improve people’s days and help create memories. Some people don’t have the opportunity to visit a state park every day, so I love helping people enjoy their time here and hope they want to come back.” 

On a daily basis, you may find Ranger Cynar doing a range of different tasks. “Being a park ranger, you have to be able to do a little bit of everything while being able to switch things up quickly yet smoothly. At any time, I could be helping man the tackle shop register, giving an impromptu fishing lesson or switching out an electrical panel,” he said. 

Being "quick-on-your-feet" is a skill that all of our park rangers acquire and have to use regularly. Ranger Cynar summed up being a park ranger with the phrase, “expect the unexpected.” Despite all these day-to-day responsibilities and helping others enjoy the state parks, he said the hardest thing about his job is remembering to enjoy the park himself! “The hardest thing to do is to disconnect and actually enjoy the park. Too often I get caught up with making the park better, that I forget to enjoy the park and the activities it offers,” Ranger Cynar said.  

Thank you, Ranger Jacob, for all you do to help the South Carolina State Park Service!  The next time you visit Dreher Island State Park, be sure to give Ranger Jacob a wave hello.