Ranger Bre Covington

Park Service Profiles

Ranger Breanna Covington kick started her career as a South Carolina State Park Ranger at Huntington Beach State Park. Raised in Batesburg-Leesville, Ranger Bre graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. It was during college, while visiting Huntington Beach, where she realized she wanted to be a park ranger.

Bre finished her degree at Coastal and began applying for positions. She started her career at Huntington Beach State Park as an Assistant Ranger in 2017.  From there, she was promoted to Ranger I at Hunting Island State Park and most recently transferred to Myrtle Beach State Park as a Ranger I. Now, Bre can be seen doing a wide variety of tasks from responding to emergencies and counting revenue to relocating wildlife and working on maintenance projects. “Our campground stays pretty busy. One of my favorite things is getting to meet all the different people that come from all over to visit our park,” Ranger Bre said.

When asked if she had any stories to share, Ranger Bre replied that she had to relocate an alligator from the campground once at Hunting Island. “It was about 3 feet long and I had a crowd of families watching me from a distance, so I had one shot to get the gator with the catch pole.  Luckily, I did, but then he started rolling and the crowd was concerned.  I assured them it was fine and he would stop shortly.  They were all amazed I had wrangled this gator, myself included.  You had to have been there!”

Our park rangers care deeply about the parks they work in. For Ranger Bre, she says one of the hardest things is seeing all of the trash that is left behind in the park. “It really upsets me when I see trash in such a beautiful place.  Anytime I see trash I stop and pick it up.  You never know who is watching and I want people to know that I care about my park and how it looks.”

Outside of work, you may see Bre with her two rescue dogs. Bre is also an Ultimate Outsider! She says she really loved Devils Fork State Park, “The water so clear and blue, but very cold!”

Ranger Bre would encourage others to become a park ranger if they love being outside, getting your hands dirty and making sure families have a good time.  Thank you Ranger Bre for all of your hard work!

To see a glimpse of what a day is like for Ranger Bre at Myrtle Beach, watch Episode 18 of our “A Day in the Life of a Park Ranger” series.

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