Assistant Park Manager Kenny Heater

Park Service Profiles

Kenny Heater started his South Carolina State Park Service career working part time as a lifeguard supervisor at Paris Mountain State Park. After seeing the camaraderie between the rangers at the park, he knew being a park ranger was the job for him! Heater has now been a park ranger for 27 years. He started his career as a ranger at Baker Creek State Park before moving on to Caesars Head. Heater moved back to where it all began at Paris Mountain to become the senior ranger and eventually moved on to become the assistant park manager at Hunting Island State Park, where he is today. 

Heater says each park he’s worked at has been great in its own special way. When we asked him what he finds most satisfying about his job, Heater replied: “Seeing children learning and enjoying the park.  There’s nothing like their smile when they hold a snake or touch a baby alligator for the first time.” He followed that up by saying: “I also like the park service teamwork and park family atmosphere.” As part of the park service team, Heater is a member of the Ceremonial Corps. In his role with the Ceremonial Corps, Heater got to present the colors at two Carolina Panthers games.After 27 years in the park service, Heater would encourage others to become a park ranger. He says it’s “the best job in the world.” Throughout his career Heater says: “I have lived and worked on a lake, the top of a mountain, and on an island.  No other career can offer that.” Thank you Ranger Heater, for all your hard work for the South Carolina State Park Service!