Revolutionary War History

As one of the 13 original colonies, South Carolina took a lead in the Revolutionary War, with more than 200 Revolutionary War battles fought in South Carolina, along with countless military engagements recorded on South Carolina soil. These Revolutionary War battles in South Carolina, often dramatic and pivotal in the ultimate outcome of the war, helped transform the King's colonies into a union of states.

South Carolina's state parks offer guests a chance to revisit some of the most pivotal Revolutionary War sites and events that took place during the war.

Andrew Jackson State Park

The Andrew Jackson Museum details the life and boyhood home of the nation’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson. Educational programs and living history demonstrations tell of Jackson’s life in the Waxhaws of the South Carolina backcountry during the Revolutionary War.

Hampton Plantation State Historic Site

Hampton Plantation is home to an 18th-century plantation that was one of the many Revolutionary War sites that served as a place of refuge for women and children during the war, and the rice fields surrounding the property hid Francis Marion from when British troops arrived at there in search of him.

Landsford Canal State Park

Long before the park served as an attraction for paddlers and spider lily enthusiasts, Landsford Canal was a site traversed by both Patriot and British troops on their way to Revolutionary War battles in South Carolina. Both sides stood on the bank of the Land’s Ford crossing to cross the Catawba River on their way to battle.

Musgrove Mill State Historic Site

The Battle of Musgrove Mill took place along the Enoree River between a group of Loyalists and 200 Patriot militiamen, vastly outnumbered by their British counterpart. The fighting resulted in a victory for the Patriots, and today interpretive trails and exhibits retell the story to visitors.

Other state park properties with Revolutionary War sites and history include: