Social Distancing: South Carolina State Parks Style

To ensure the safety of our rangers and other park visitors, it is important that we help limit social interactions.  While practicing social distancing at a park may not be ideal, here are eight ways you and your family can practice social distancing while still enjoying South Carolina State Parks.

  1. Follow the 6:10 rule: South Carolina State Parks has some of the best rangers, however, in order to protect our staff and control the spread, remember to stay six feet apart from others and limit group sizes to under ten people.  By avoiding handshakes, hugs and large gatherings you are protecting yourself and other park visitors and staff. 
  2. Get some “hang time”: Go searching for a tranquil and serene location to hang your hammock. Take this time to observe nature or get some much needed R&R while hanging out in your state park.
  3. Walk on the wild side: We encourage you to get some fresh air and find a state park trail to hike, walk or bike. Find all of our virtual park maps, brochure and trail maps here. Please remember, if you do encounter other hikers, please stay at least six feet away.
  4. Have Family Read Time: Whether you are RV camping, tent camping or just visiting for the day, take some time and catch up on your favorite novels. While the kiddos are out of school, take this opportunity to have family read time while outdoors! If you forgot to grab some books, no worries, learn more about things happening in parks by checking out our park stories
  5. WORKOUTside : In what could be a very stressful time, exercising outdoors is a great way to relieve stress. Pull up an online yoga or workout video, grab your towel and workout in the best green gym there is… outside!
  6. Hit the water: If you have a kayak or canoe, hit the water and further distance yourself by going out for a paddle.  If paddling isn’t your forte’, grab your fishing gear, head to the water, cast your line and relax. Use our Park Finder Tool to locate a park nearest you that meets all of your “water” desires. 
  7. Watch us Live: Follow us on Facebook and tune in to our Live with a Ranger Facebook Live programs. From nature center tours to virtual hikes, our rangers have gone virtual to show you the best of South Carolina State Parks.
  8. South Carolina State Parks Scavenger Hunt : Download our South Carolina State Parks Scavenger Hunt on the GooseChase app and complete fun and interactive missions.  Many of the missions are available and can be completed without interfering with social distancing practices. Click here for instructions on how to download the app. 

To stay updated on any information, visit our website. For more details on social distancing at South Carolina State Parks, click here