Park Ranger Todd Gibson

Park Service Profiles

Todd Gibson moved from Ohio down to the coast of South Carolina for college. It was during that time that he started a summer job at Santee State Park. Gibson fell in love with his job at Santee, and the rest is South Carolina State Parks history! 

After five years, Gibson still loves his job as a park ranger. He now works at Dreher Island State Park in Prosperity, South Carolina, just outside of Columbia. There Gibson works as Park Ranger I, a job in which no two days are ever alike. And that’s a lot of what he enjoys about it. Day to day, hour to hour, the job can be completely different. Gibson is working on a master’s degree in Criminology, but says that a lot of the skills he uses daily on the job come from his life experience. He says that growing up helping his father with carpentry projects is a skill that has helped him in his work as a park ranger. Gibson also says it is also important to have an understanding of biology and history.

When asked if he would encourage others to become a park ranger, Gibson said he would recommend this job to anyone that is motivated and has a desire to help people. “The State Parks are about our customers and going above and beyond the normal call of duty to provide the best services.  And if that sounds like you, then we have a badge for you.”

Being a park ranger is hard work, but Gibson says there are perks as well, especially at Dreher Island. “The park is extremely unique- it is an island in the middle of the lake.  So we have the privilege of not only getting an amazing sunrise to view in the east, but also an incredible sunset to the west at night.  No other park has that kind experience.” According to Gibson, he has the best office view in the state! So head out to Dreher Island to visit this ranger and see his amazing office view!