Ranger Sam Worley

Park Service Profiles

Meet Sam Worley, the Off-Park Ranger at Dreher island State Park! Sam grew up in Newberry County, where he now lives with his wife, Bailey. He graduated from Mid-Carolina High School before attending Piedmont Technical College for Criminal Justice.

Sam has been with the South Carolina State Park Service for about five years. He began working at Dreher Island when he was in high school as an assistant ranger. After graduating, and having enjoyed the experience and fellowship in his job, Sam continued working at Dreher Island and was promoted to the Off-Park Ranger. Sam has had the opportunity to travel to other state parks for both fun and to assist with park projects. So far he has visited 44 South Carolina state parks and soon hopes to become an Ultimate Outsider. So far, Sam’s favorite park that he has visited is Jones Gap State Park because of his love for the mountains.

Sam says the experiences he had growing up and the upbringing by his parents are what prepared him to be successful in this field. Growing up, Sam was in boy scouts as well as encouraged by his parents to learn anything anyone was willing to teach him. Because of this, he has been able to apply himself to several trade skills, administration and clerical work, computer applications, public speaking, interpersonal skills and supervisory roles as well as all responsibilities encompassed.

At Dreher Island State Park, Sam coordinates and manages the marina operation and ensures that it remains a success. He also has the assigned responsibility as safety officer on the island. These are just a few of the many task he performs on the job. Others might include maintenance of equipment and facilities, the tracking and submission of the park’s revenue and the training of other employees. Sam says the most satisfying aspect of his job is that no day is the same. “I have a wide variety of responsibilities and things to do at my job, so it hasn’t become dull or monotonous. I have acquired so many cherished and funny stories it is impossible to pick just one to share” he says.

To those considering a job in the park service or as a ranger, specifically, Sam says to go for it. “Go into it knowing that your responsibilities go beyond a standard job description. Have an open mind ready to learn anything you can for the day. Know that our job is to prepare and keep the park in such a way to create the peak experience for those who visit it. But most importantly, have fun doing it!”

Thank you, Ranger Sam, for your hard work and dedication to the state park service! To get a sneak peek of what a day in Ranger Sam’s life is like, watch Episode 21 of our “Day in the Life” series.

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