Ranger Laura Salzhauer

Park Service Profiles

Meet Laura Salzhauer, an Off-Park Ranger at Croft State Park. Hailing from Patchogue on Long Island, NY, Laura always had a love for wildlife & the environment. She attended the State University of New York at Purchase where she received a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies.

Joining the South Carolina State Park Service in 2018, her journey started as an Assistant Ranger at Jones Gap and Caesars Head state parks. She later promoted to Croft State Park, where she currently serves as the Off-Park Ranger. Because of Laura's love for wildlife and the environment, becoming a park ranger was a natural choice. Her college education, combined with experiences such as studying abroad in Madagascar, working as a zookeeper, and volunteering at an animal rescue has equipped her for the challenges and varied responsibilities that come with the job. Laura mentions she also had a lot of on the job training.

From trail maintenance and safety checks to wildlife management and rule enforcement, Laura wears many hats as an Off-Park Ranger. She finds satisfaction in working outdoors, protecting natural resources, and sharing her passion for wildlife with visitors. 

Policy enforcement emerges as a challenging aspect of Laura's role. Despite this, the rewards of working in diverse environments like Croft State Park and the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area outweigh the challenges.

Laura  encourages others to become park rangers, describing it as an enjoyable lifestyle. Her advice to aspiring rangers is to always be prepared for the unexpected, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the job.

As Laura looks forward to becoming an Ultimate Outsider, she expresses excitement about visiting all the parks, especially the mountain parks and beaches.

Thank you Laura, for your hard work and dedication to the state park service! Think you might be interested in a job with the South Carolina State Park Service? Click here to see our current, full-time job openings!