Park Ranger Tori Johnson

Park Service Profiles

Tori Johnson grew up in Seneca, South Carolina not too far from Oconee State Park. She graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. She later returned to Clemson and earned a master’s degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism with a focus on Parks and Conservation Area Management. 

She started her career with the South Carolina State Park Service as an assistant ranger at Edisto Beach State Park. When asked what preparation she went through for the job, Johnson said “I had a great deal of knowledge about park operations and resource management from my time in college and graduate school. However, learning to drive heavy equipment and wire electrical boxes was incredibly fun on-the-job training for me!” After working at Edisto Beach, Johnson went on to work at Givhans Ferry State Park and has most recently been promoted to Senior Ranger at Hunting Island State Park. Johnson says, “The coastal parks are so much fun because they are incredibly busy and there is always something going on! I love the hustle and bustle!” 

We asked Johnson to tell us about her favorite part of her career and she said, “Seeing a family enjoy their vacation, hearing a fishing story from a guest, learning something new about our wonderful country from an out-of-state guest and seeing sunrises and sunsets are my favorite things about this career. Every day is different and everyone has their own story to tell!” Thank you, Ranger Johnson, for everything you do!