Park Ranger Regina Huff

Park Service Profiles

Regina Huff started her park career ten years ago, and has worked with the South Carolina State Park Service for the past five years. She grew up in Lithonia, Georgia where she graduated from Chamblee High School. Huff graduated from Seminole State College in 2010. We asked at what point in her life she knew she wanted to be a park ranger and she said: “After working in AmeriCorps for a year in Florida I realized that was something I would like to get into.” 

Huff works as a park ranger at both Lee and Woods Bay State Parks and has volunteered at many other parks across the state including Poinsett, Myrtle Beach, Redcliffe, and Cheraw. Of all of those, she says that Lee and Woods Bay are her favorites. “I find the stories each visitor tells about their homes, lives, or family histories fun as well as interesting,” Huff says. As a ranger at these two parks, Huff performs various tasks. These include impromptu tours of Woods Bay, education programs for high school and college groups and, of course, greeting every visitor with a friendly hello. 

We always ask rangers to tell us about the funniest thing they’ve seen on the job and the hardest thing they’ve had to deal with. Huff had very unique answers for both! As for the funniest thing she’s ever seen, Huff says: “Witnessing an otter steal someone’s fish right off their fishing line!” And the hardest? “Alligators on Woods Bay’s boardwalk.” Both experiences showcase distinct features of the parks she calls home. We asked Huff to sum up her job in one phrase and she said: “As a park ranger, there is no such thing as a know-it-all because you never stop learning.” How true that is! Thank you, Ranger Huff, for all that you do!