Park Manager Rob Powell

Park Service Profiles

After spending a third of his life in the park service, you can say that Rob Powell is pretty well versed in what it takes to be a park ranger. Powell grew up in Horry County, South Carolina and went on to graduate from Coastal Carolina University. He joined the park service in 1999 at Hickory Knob State Resort Park. From there he moved to Table Rock, and finally to Charles Towne Landing where Powell now works as Park Manager.

Moving from the lakes to the mountains and then again to the coast has provided Powell with a unique range of experience, which lends itself well to running his current park. At Charles Towne Landing, Powell manages the “business” side of the park, as well as historical and nature interpretation, public promotion, sales and even law enforcement. You name it, Rob Powell has done it! And his favorite part of the job? “Seeing the pleasure people find in state parks,” Powell stated, “I love watching people enjoy whatever it is they have come to seek out as well as discovering something new.

When asked which park he enjoyed working at the most, Powell admitted he is partial to Charles Towne Landing. “I’ve been here the longest, and this is where I learned to be a climbing arborist. I love doing tree work and there is nothing like being up in a tree to clear your mind of everything else,” he said. When he’s not hanging out in Charles Towne Landing’s impressive trees, Powell enjoys spending time with his wife of 12 years, Kim and son, Eli.