Interpretive Ranger Scott Alexander

Park Service Profiles

Oconee Station State Historic Site is home to one very special ranger, Interpretive Ranger Scott Alexander. Alexander grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the College of Charleston. He began his ranger career at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site and has worked for both the National Park Service and South Carolina State Park Service over the course of his career.

Alexander has worked at Oconee Station for over 20 years. He is the first and only ranger the park has ever had. As he says: “I have had an opportunity to put my footprint all over the site.  The Park Service has allowed me the freedom to develop long-term management plans and interpretive plans.” As the interpretive ranger at Oconee Station, Alexander does everything from giving guided tours of the site to performing both administrative and maintenance duties for the park. Alexander says: “I am the only full time staff member at Oconee Station so there is little I have not done at this park.” Working at a site as small as Oconee Station allows Alexander to live out both the “interpretive” and “ranger” sides of his job title! 

When asked what he found most satisfying about his job, Alexander cited his opportunity to “take history and nature out of the textbook and make it fun for park visitors.” We asked Alexander to sum up his job in one phrase and he said: “I have the privilege to be the temporary custodian of a place that will be here for generations.” We think that is the perfect summary of the amazing role Alexander plays in this special site! Thank you, Ranger Alexander, for all you do!