Senior Park Ranger Bob Strickland

Park Service Profiles

Bob Strickland’s career in state parks may have officially started at Myrtle Beach, but state parks had an influence on his life from the beginning- literally. A state park patrolman escorted Strickland’s parents to the hospital where he was born!

Strickland was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada but decided to travel further south to attend college in North Carolina. After a summer internship at Myrtle Beach, Strickland moved on to become an Assistant Ranger at the park. He then moved even further down the coast to take a full time ranger position at Edisto Beach State Park. Strickland also worked at Hickory Knob, Santee and Hunting Island before returning to Myrtle Beach. 

As Senior Ranger at Myrtle Beach State Park, Strickland does everything from A to Z. According to Strickland that means, “I am heavily engaged with the volunteer program, overseeing Assistant Rangers, customer service, law enforcement, maintenance and pulling my hair out from time to time!” Strickland’s favorite part of his job is the variety it provides and the relationships he has built with visitors and coworkers alike. “It’s also pretty neat to have the sun and moon as the office ceiling,” Strickland says. 

When asked to describe his funniest on the job experience, Strickland references breaking up a fight between two women: “It was a driving rainstorm and we all ended up on the ground covered in mud. Needless to say the fight ended.” Strickland enjoys his job at Myrtle Beach State Park and says he would encourage others to become a park ranger. “It is a humble and honest profession,” he says. 

Strickland sums up his thoughts on working in the park service best:  “There are so many good quality and competent staff members throughout PRT and the park service that make our park service second to none. Hats off to those men and women that came before me setting the stage and molding the park service into what it is today. I have much respect and admiration for those individuals that cared. What a special treat it continues to be for me."