Best Job Ever

Message From The Director

                I get to work with some of the best people!  I really hope you get to say this about your workplace as well, because it is so true with the South Carolina State Park Service. Working with the park service is, for many of us, fulfillment of a lifelong dream. For others it is a happy landing spot after many other jobs or even a fun place to work following a different type of career. If you speak to any of us, you will find part of why we love what we do is we get to do something different every day.  January 9 of this year was one of those different days- the inauguration of Governor Henry McMaster.

            The work for this day begins soon after the election.  We start to communicate with the event organizers and discuss our role to see where are needed.  Through the years, we have been able to find ways for many of our staff to support this day. Engineers have assisted with auto-cad drawings of the layout, maintenance personnel have built the stage the Governor speaks from, State House staff have prepared to guide dignitaries inside the State House and provide tours afterward and rangers have helped in various ways the day of the event.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize the varied skills of our agency.

            On the day of the inauguration, our rangers serve front and center assisting the many guests and dignitaries attending the event.  This year we had over 30 uniformed rangers assist with law enforcement and overall event operations. From legislative spouses and elected officials’ families to cabinet members and press, our rangers helped organize and seat attendees for about two hours leading up to the event. Meanwhile, inside the State House, our staff was working hard escorting every participant in the processional to their respective locations and providing help wherever needed.  It was a great day to show off what I think are some incredible employees with exceptional customer service skills as we helped the inaugural committee create a memorable day for all involved.

            This was my first inauguration in my new role as director, and over half of our rangers were there for the first time ever!  They drove from all corners of the state, from Hunting Island to Oconee, for the chance to contribute and represent the South Carolina State Park Service.  Their attitude and professionalism was infectious. It was a day that left me feeling full of pride for our state and the people I get to work with.

            These incredible people inspire me every day and remind me what a great privilege it is to work with them. Each month, we highlight an employee in our Park Service Profile. I encourage you to read about them and learn what makes them love their job.  It is easy to imagine the fun and passion they have while working in some great locations. I find inspiration in their stories every month. It is also my privilege to work with a dedicated leadership team in our central office, some of whom worked as rangers in the field and others who came to the agency with outside experience. This year I want to share a little about why they do what they do and how they are helping make our park service better for you and our employees.  From time to time, some of them will make an appearance in this column so you can hear from them about what they do and why they love their jobs.  I look forward to introducing you to several of them over the next year.  I hope, as you get to know them and the other employees we highlight, you will begin to understand why I believe I have the best job in the world!