Jr. Ranger For Parents

Dear Parent or Guardian

The South Carolina Junior Ranger Program is designed to involve your children in activities that will capture their attention and imagination, while teaching them to protect and enjoy the natural and cultural resources of South Carolina state parks.


It’s easy for your child to participate and the program is free. The www.scjrranger.com web site provides all the information you and your child will need. There are three levels of participation, and the program is self-paced and offered on an honor system.


The activities for the Junior Ranger program can be found on the website. The instructions for completion of each level and all necessary materials are provided, and can be printed off for completion. These activities are designed to get your child outdoors to have fun while being safe at state parks.


After successful completion of activities your child will receive rewards at the end of each level. The program looks to you to insure your child completes the appropriate activities before receiving the program rewards.

We invite parents to participate in the Junior Ranger Program along with their children to enhance the learning experience and family fun and so that your child will benefit from your helpful supervision.