Education and Kids

There are no better places that South Carolina State Parks for your kids to have fun and learn --- all at the same time.  Our parks offer a wide variety of fun learning activities for kids of all ages.State Park games

Discover Carolina Program

The Discover Carolina Program transforms South Carolina State Parks and the South Carolina State House into living classrooms, providing educational opportunities that surpass the traditional learning experience.  Each park in the program holds unique features that are indicative of South Carolina's natural and cultural heritage. Fusing statewide resources with state academic standards, Discover Carolina provides rare experiences in the form of fun learning activities for kids that reinforce classroom lessons. There are opportunities to discover nature at exceptionally scenic and wildlife rich state parks, and to discover history at profoundly interesting historic sites like Charles Towne Landing.

Jr. Ranger Program

The Jr. Ranger Program is an online program with activities and challenges that must be completed in a state park.  Once participants complete certain activities and requirements they earn "ranger status", and then they move up in the ranks just like real park rangers do in the park service.  Activities range from completing activity sheets to interviewing a ranger.  Prizes and certificates are awarded for each level obtained.Jr. Ranger Program

Programs & Events for Kids

Many of our programs and events held in our state parks are fun learning activities for kids. Search through our program and event listings to find those that have been marked with the kid seal of approval!

Scout Carolina

The Boy Scouts of America and South Carolina State Parks have worked together and have enjoyed a very strong relationship since the early 20th century when scouts were formed and parks were developed. The new Scout Carolina Program formalizes this partnership and provides a way for the participating scouts to be recognized for their accomplishments.  Follow the requirements and earn the Scout Carolina patch for your scout uniform today!