Discover Nature & History Program Huntington Beach State Park

With its marshes, maritime forest and beach, the educational focus of Huntington Beach State Park fosters an understanding of how natural communities are interdependent on each other and dependent on us. To protect our natural heritage, we must learn that we are part of, not apart from, the natural world. Through observation and hands-on activities, students gain an understanding of the importance of the resources found on this park and enhance their appreciation of environmental issues facing their own communities. 

Contact Details

Mike Walker, Interpretive Ranger
(843) 235-8755

Field Trips 

Environmental Detectives - 3rd/4th grade

Life in the Marine Ecosystem - 5th grade

Secrets of the Salt Marsh - 5th grade

Online field trips START HERE:

  • Video 1 - Secrets of the Salt Marsh
  • Video 2 - A Deeper Look at Biotic Factors
  • Video 3 - Seining in a Salt Marsh

Atalaya Voices of the Past - 5th grade

Fiddling with Populations - 7th grade


  • 1-25 students        $125
  • 26-40 students      $200
  • 41-60 students      $300
  • 61-80 students      $400
  • 81-100 students    $500

How to Book

Reservations can be made beginning August 1 for the upcoming school year, preferably by e-mailing Mike Walker, Huntington Beach State Park’s Interpretive Ranger at:


We request at least one chaperone per 10 students. Teachers, bus drivers and one chaperone per every seven students are admitted free.

Directions to Field Trip Location

  • Life in the Marine Ecosystem meets at the Nature Center.
  • Secrets of the Salt Marsh meets at the Nature Center.
  • Atalaya & the Great Depression meets at the entrance to Atalaya.
  • Fiddling with Populations meets at the Nature Center.

Note: We also include a park map with the meeting location highlighted in our invoice/confirmation letter.

Facilities Available

Outdoor classroom, freshwater marsh, brackish water impoundment, salt marsh, ADA –accessible wetland boardwalks, beach, covered picnic shelters, picnic area, national historic landmark (Atalaya), gift shop and modern restrooms with a water fountain.  Snacks, drinks, and souvenirs are available for purchase at the gift shop.

Atalaya is an additional $2/person admission if a Discover Carolina program has not been scheduled there.

Please note: While Atalaya has restroom facilities, they are rather small. The Marsh Boardwalk and Oyster Landing do not have any restroom facilities. For large groups, we recommend using the main restroom facilities across from the gift shop.

What to Wear

Please dress appropriately for the weather. In the fall and spring, the beach and salt marsh can be quite breezy, so a light jacket or windbreaker may be appropriate. Sunscreen and access to drinking water are also important. Closed-toe footwear that can get wet or muddy is required for any salt marsh programs (Fiddling with Populations and Secrets of the Salt Marsh)  Old sneakers or tennis shoes work best.


Please leave valuables at home. Any items that fall into the marsh from the boardwalk or a wildlife viewing area will not be retrievable. 

Atalaya, our National Historic Landmark, can also be fragile. Please, no climbing in the window grills or on the brickwork.