Discover History Program Rose Hill Plantation

Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site is a place to learn about important themes and key events in South Carolina’s history: the cotton boom and its collapse, secession and Civil War, slavery and sharecropping, emancipation and the fight for civil rights and Reconstruction and its violent overthrow. The site provides visitors with opportunities to discover these significant stories through the perspectives of people who lived at Rose Hill, including William Henry Gist and his family, enslaved people, freedpeople and tenant farmers.

Contact Details 

Stephanie Cohen, Interpretive Ranger


Phone: (864) 427-5966

Field Trips

Reconstruction at Rose Hill—4th Grade

This program, with a specific focus on Rose Hill Plantation, will introduce the importance of the Reconstruction Era (1866-1877) and will examine the changes brought by the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments on the lives of the people of South Carolina.

Standards: Social Studies Standards 3: 4.3 CX; Social Studies Standards 4: 4.4 P; Social Studies Standards 5: 4.5 CO, 4.5 CE, 4.5 P, 4.5 CX, 4.5E


  • 1-25 students $40
  • 26-40 students $80
  • 41-60 students $120
  • 61-80 students $160
  • 81-100 students $200

How to Book

Contact the Interpretive Ranger at Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site

Phone: (864) 427-5966

Facilities Available

The historic site offers bathroom facilities and an outdoor picnic area. Rose Hill Plantation is part of the Project Green program, which is designed to introduce people to be stewards of the sites they visit by following the “Pack it in, Pack it out” philosophy. Therefore, all trash brought into park by the visiting groups should leave with the visiting

What to Bring

The field trip will take place entirely outside regardless of the weather conditions. Most of the program will take place on a nature trail with exposed roots and uneven surfaces. We recommend participants wear closed-toed shoes and dress for the weather. Bring bug spray during warm months and drinking water to stay hydrated.

Additional Info

  • Program time on-site: 2.5 hours
  • Maximum Number of Students Per Program: 30
  • Maximum Number of Programs Per Day: 2