2023 Recognition Awards

Every year at our Parks Leadership Conference, Ranger in Service, and Interpreters Conference, staff gather to share information and brainstorm new ideas. It is also a time that staff are recognized for their years of service and to recognize those that go above and beyond in their field. We are happy to announce this years awards recipients. 

Ranger of the Year

Lakes Region- Elise Wingo, Baker Creek State Park

Regional Chief Jon Greider, Ranger Elise Wingo, Director Paul McCormack

Lower Coast Region- Madeline Bertausk, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site

Regional Chief Gerry Ives, Ranger Madeline Bertauski, Director Paul McCormack

Mountain Region- Shawn Llewellyn, Paris Mountain State Park

Regional Chief Adin Fell, Ranger Shawn Llewellyn, Director Paul McCormack

Upper Coast Region- Bre Covington, Huntington Beach State Park

Regional Chief James Revis, Ranger Bre Covington, Director Paul McCormick

Sandhills Region- Rachel Como, Sesquicentennial State Park 

Regional Chief Joy Raintree, Ranger Rachel Como, Director Paul McCormick

Directors Awards

Park Manager John Moon, Kings Mountain State Park 

Park Director Paul McCormick, Park Manager John Moon, and Agency Director Duane Parrish

Sandhills Regional Maintenance Chief William "Billy" Burk

Park Director Paul McCormick, Maintenance Chief William "Billy" Burk, and Agency Director Duane Parrish

Customer Service Awards

Sandhills Region- Antonia Rivers, Santee State Park

Sandhills Region- Daylene Pitts, Dreher Island State Park

John Boyd, Paris Mountain State Park

Bridget Scott, Devils Fork State Park

Marina Wolfe, Lake Wateree State Park

John Hiatt, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site

Tina Taylor, Givhans Ferry State Park

Chris Priolo, Huntington Beach State Park

Robert J. Papenfus Award

The Robert J. Papenfus Award is awarded to the park, person or team who has demonstrated excellence in the Management of Natural and Cultural Resources. This year's award goes to the staff of Poinsett State Park!

Terry Hurley of Resource Management and Poinsett State Park Manager Emily Nicholson

Not pictured:

Customer Service Award for Niesha Williams, Cheraw State Park

Customer Service Award for Maria Thompson, Hickory Knob

Internal Customer Service for Ted Sbardella, Information Technology

Park Interpreter of the Year is Hannah Marley, Hampton Plantation State Historic Site

Service Recognition

 Five Years

Alan Foreman, Edisto Beach State Park

Carley Karpinski, Huntington Beach State Park

Jay Benjamin, Myrtle Beach State Park

Martin Ingersoll, Myrtle Beach State Park

Jonathan Hartwick, Cheraw State Park

Stephanie Cohen, Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site

Kristi Floyd, Devils Fork State Park

10 Years

Gina Eickhoff, Hunting Island State Park

David Gilson, Oconee State Park

Jesse Watson, Kings Mountain State Park

Brandon Johnson, Calhoun Falls State Park

15 Years

Jillian Delorge Davis, Charles Towne Landing

Jason Robinett, Charles Towne Landing

David Baker, Charles Towne Landing

Jermaine Jennings, Hickory Knob State Resort Park

Travis Sellers, Lake Wateree State Park

Jacob Gantt, Revenue Management

20 Years

Kevin Palmer, Kings Mountain State Park

Troy Crider, Myrtle Beach State Park

Christopher Flowers, Cheraw State Park

Joy Raintree, Sandhills Region Chief

Catherine Taylor, Paris Mountain State Park

Robert Dinkins, Lake Hartwell State Park

Michael Trotter, Table Rock State Park

25 Years

Brenda Majers, Huntington Beach State Park

Robert Lenehan, Myrtle Beach State Park

Christopher Waddell, Cheraw State Park

Jason Hege, Paris Mountain State Park

Cheryl Gray, Hickory Knob State Resort Park

30 Years

Ted Bechtler, Huntington Beach State Park

Michael Walker, Huntington Beach State Park

Al James, Landsford Canal State Park

Mark Powell, Lower Coast Regional 

John Toby, Central Maintenance