The waters of Lake Jocassee are some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the Southeast, providing for excellent visibility for all types of divers. Visibility is usually over 15 feet, and over 50 feet at some depths. There are many locations on Lake Jocassee that provide excellent opportunities for diving trips. Some dive spots that can be reached by boat are:

  • Big Wall/Small Wall - depth 35 ft.
  • South Wall – depth 70 ft.
  • Junk (sunken boat) – depth 60 ft.
  • Jenny’s Drift – depth 35 ft.
  • Stalk Canyon – depth 35 ft.
  • Windless Point – depth 30 ft.

Water temperatures in the summer range from 75 to 78 degrees, with winter water temperatures ranging from 45 to 50 degrees. Lake Jocassee is a deep water reservoir maintained by Duke Energy. For up-to-date information on water temperature or lake levels, please visit the Duke Energy website.

Scuba diving charters, classes, and certifications are routinely offered by several area scuba shops. Advanced arrangements should be made with a scuba diving outfitter prior to your visit to Devils Fork State Park. Several shops will charter trips and classes to different locations on Lake Jocassee.

Devils Fork State Park does not rent or supply any type of equipment or oxygen refills. The closest rental/refill locations are less than one mile from the park.  Local businesses that offer information pertaining to scuba diving include The Scuba Shop.

Admission & Parking

Devils Fork State Park is open year round. The cost of daily admission to the park is $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for SC seniors (age 65 & older), $4 for children ages 6-15 and ages 5 and under are free.  All divers are responsible for paying the park admission costs and properly displaying day use passes in all vehicles.

Parking for single vehicles is limited at boat ramp locations. Parking is not permitted near water, and gear may have to be walked down to the water. Parking of single vehicles in parking spaces designated for boat trailer parking is prohibited. Parking along road shoulders, on grass, or any other non-paved surface is also prohibited. All vehicles and guests must exit day use facilities prior to closing time. Please check with park staff about parking availability and closing times at certain locations.

Camping & Lodging

Overnight camping or lodging is available at Devils Fork State Park by making advanced reservations.

Diving Safety

Diving is not permitted at any of the boat dock or boat ramp locations.  Divers are not allowed to dive in front of, or gather on the ramps, impeding boats from using them. Multiple types of recreational users of Lake Jocassee are present at all times. Buoys have been placed as markers along the shoreline at the Roundhouse Point Boat Launch; however divers must be aware that this boat ramp is open for boat use. There is no designated area for scuba diving activities exclusively.

No one should ever dive by themselves. Always have someone with you who is trained to assist you if necessary. Devils Fork State Park is not equipped to perform underwater rescues. Due to the remote location of the park and Lake Jocassee, you must be aware that response to any type of emergency will not be immediate. You must be responsible for the safety of yourself and your group.