Mountains & Waterfalls

Following  the path of an ancient Cherokee trail along the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, South Carolina Highway 11 provides majestic views for more than 100 miles. Its other official name is the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway.

What you’ll see at these parks on or near S.C. 11 is a vista of unparalleled beauty from the heights of the Blue Ridge Escarpment at Caesars Head, the deep and serene mystery of mountain coves in Devils Fork, a look at the environmental and human history of the Blue Ridge Mountains, South Carolina’s wide-open waters at Lake Hartwell and more. In South Carolina, waterfalls abound and can be found just around the corner, on a mountain lake or at the end of a hiking trail.

The Mountain Parks

The series of eight parks includes some 17,000 acres of protected public property, more than 300 campsites, cabins and villas, dozens of hiking and nature trails, picnic tables, playgrounds and a great opportunity to cool down from a hot South Carolina summer.

So much to do. And such a great time to do it! Check out all the wonderful opportunities available at our mountain state parks by clicking on the park you're interested in below:

South Carolina Waterfalls

Some folks beg to differ when you say we have waterfalls in the Palmetto State -- but we really do.  Not only do we have rolling ocean waves but we have spectacular, cascading upcountry waterfalls!

Some of the most popular hiking trails in the Upstate include particularly scenic waterfalls, including several that are included within the boundaries of or are reachable through South Carolina’s state parks.  Some of the most popular South Carolina waterfalls include:


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