Geocaching is a great activity for all ages.  Most all of our parks have at least one geocache located on the park.  Some of our parks have many geocache locations.  To find the coordinates of these caches and for all other information, consult the official geocaching website and type in the name of the park or geocaching locations you are interested in visiting.  If you would like to place geocache trackables in a park, please contact the park directly before doing so.

So grab your GPS and get warmed up finding hidden caches that may contain geocache trackables throughout your neighborhood or at your nearest state park.  Then after you perfect your skills, make sure you sign up for the State Park Geocache Challenge.  Not only will you have fun finding things like geocache trackables, you will also get to explore all 47 state parks!

The SC State Parks Geocache Challenge

The SC State Parks Geocache challenge is made up of caches hidden in every park, divided into four regions. Those regions are Coastal, Sandhills, Mountains, and Lakes. The Sandhills Challenge was launched months prior to the remaining regions as a trial effort.

To find state park geocache locations, you can search by the park name or the region name from the Geocaching website, or see a bookmarked list of all of the caches in the challenge.  There can be a lot of fun in finding even one of the caches, but the true challenge is to find them ALL!

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In each region, every park cache has a clue in the cache leading to the final, “secret” cache in that region. Each one of these secret caches has a terrific prize for the first person to find it -- two free nights in a state park cabin or campsite! Also, each “secret” cache in each region has a clue that will provide information to the finder on how to find the “final” cache, which is located at Sesquicentennial State Park and contains a special prize for the first five people to find it, celebrating the trip to all 47 of our South Carolina State Parks.

In total, there are 52 caches hidden as part of this series. Five parks have two caches hidden on them, one that is part of the series and the other, the “secret” cache. The parks in each region holding the “secret” cache are:

Good luck and happy hunting! If you have any questions concerning the State Park Geocache Challenge, you may contact Bryn Harmer  (864) 836-6115 or Ashley Berry (803) 734-1086.