Fall Foliage

Fall has officially arrived, and soon we will be fascinated with the beautiful colors that the season brings.   Keep a live look on the fall foliage from the Upstate with our Table Rock webcam, and don't miss our fall foliage reports posted each Wednesday.

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Fall Color Report, November 14, 2018

The peak of autumn foliage is past and leaves are falling at an increasing rate.  There will be an array of faded yellows, deep reds, and various browns for a week or two longer as another fall season wraps up its show.  Before long only tan leaves will cling to American Beech trees and a few scattered oaks.  The showy garments trees once wore will together become a recyclable insulating blanket for winter’s forest floor.  

Fall Color Report, November 7, 2018

Fall color has had to play catch-up and finally with some colder, overnight temperatures since late October, it has done just that.   The peak of the autumn foliage display has arrived in South Carolina’s mountains and the show will soon start to diminish, starting at the upper peaks. Dogwoods and sourwoods have taken on their darker tones of red.  Hickory and beech trees are sporting golden yellow.  Maples have become shades of red or orange.  The oaks have begun to turn hues of deep red and russet. Enjoy this rich time of year while forest leaves linger a little longer.

Fall Color Report, October 31, 2018

The color march is on, spilling down from higher elevations, replacing the greens of summer and early fall.  Forest edges and lakeshores are getting more attractive by the day without a full surrounding canopy in place to conceal some of the brighter understory foliage. The first full week of November should bring us very close to peak.  Time will tell how brilliant the colors get before fading to a variety of browns. Regardless of how beautiful the show gets, the past-peak display will still provide a nice array of autumn tones at least into mid-November.

Fall Color Report, October 24, 2018

The much needed cool down in temperatures has arrived and trees are taking the hint to speed up the shut down of chlorophyll to reveal more color in their leaves.  Dogwoods, sweet gums, and sourwoods are becoming deeper red or purplish and tulip poplars are turning more yellow if they don’t turn brown first.  Maples, hickories, and oaks have yet to show a good measure of change.  The South Carolina mountains still have a good amount of green but the upper ridges are giving way to other colors.  Enjoy the transformation over the next two to three weeks as we arrive at autumn’s peak.

Fall Color Report, October 17, 2018

The trees are trying, but the summer-like weather from September into October has put a real drag on the arrival of colorful foliage.  The landscape looks very green for this late in the month.  With the low temperatures on tap for this weekend predicted to be in the lower 40’s or upper 30’s, that should prompt the leaves to reveal more color at a faster pace.  With autumn’s delay, peak color may arrive sometime during the first two weeks in November and could come and go quickly. Currently, any colors showing are only a few scattered displays of pale yellows and muted reds.

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