Fall Foliage

Fall has officially arrived, and soon we will be fascinated with the beautiful colors that the season brings.   Keep a live look on the fall foliage from the Upstate with our Table Rock webcam, and don't miss our fall foliage reports posted each Wednesday.

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Fall Color Report, November 18, 2020

What a difference a week makes. Fall color is all but gone, except for some faded tones mostly at lower elevations. Soon the dark green of pines and other evergreens will stand out among the hardwoods that begin the wait for another spring.

Fall Color Report, November 11, 2020

By last weekend, the leaves suddenly came to peak after some frosty nights provided an extra nudge. Already the display is beginning to fade but a mountain hike will reveal brighter colors on red maple and tulip poplar saplings and smaller trees hidden below the canopy. Black gum, sourwood and dogwood still have some deep reds, and oaks are finally showing more browns and russets. Yet another tropical storm’s rains have arrived to steal more leaves but before it all ends, the darker autumn tones in lower elevations should give us at least another week of nice viewing.

Fall Color Report, November 4, 2020

2020 continues to bring the unexpected. When Tropical Storm Zeta swept through last week with heavy rain and high winds, many leaves were stripped from the trees. The foliage on mountain peaks and higher elevations is thinning out and the greener leaves that remain are getting pale and trying to provide an attractive display before fall fades into winter. We still may get a brief showing of better color in the next week or so.

Fall Color Report, October 28, 2020

Mountain leaves should be on the verge of more rapid change over the next week. Colors are not highly vibrant but have been increasing in lower elevations. Dogwoods and sourwoods are holding their deeper reds and some hickories are beginning to turn bright golden-yellow. The foliage may take a hit from the approaching wind and rain remnants of Hurricane Zeta but crisp temperatures will settle in after that to help the process of color display to intensify in remaining leaves. The best viewing may be over the next 10 days or so.

Fall Color Report, October 21, 2020

The upstate mountains continue to tease a bit more this week with a little more foliage change. Highest elevations are leading the way, but lower slopes still do not have widespread color breaking through as many green leaves are hanging tough. Timing still seems to be the end of the month into early November for reaching the peak of leaves on colorful display. Any additional cold nights will help the process.

Fall Color Report, October 16, 2020

As we enter into the last half of October, fall foliage changes are becoming evident.  The reds of sourwoods and dogwoods are on display.  The short-lived yellows of tulip poplar are mixed with leaves of green. Oaks, hickories, and maples have yet to join the ranks with any brilliance. The mountain slopes are still dominated by the taller green canopy but slight changes are obvious.  Lakeshores, roadsides, and forest edges reveal that the big show is on the way.  Another crisp cool down is on tap in a few days which should help foster further color arrival. If the peak is not here by the first of November, it should be close.

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