Meetings & Retreats

Searching for a different experience for your next meeting? Improve the quality and results of your next group gathering by meeting in a serene and scenic environment where distractions are eliminated.  Our parks provide unique and natural settings for meetings, retreats and team building sessions.

Meeting Facilities & Planning Assistance

When you select a South Carolina state park for your next group meeting, you don’t have to be a professional planner to design a successful meeting. Our experienced parks service staff make planning your next event easy and stress free.

Affordable meeting facilities range from cozy meeting rooms to conference centers that are ideal for groups of 20 to 272. Scenic settings and access to a wide variety of outdoor activities including golf, fishing, water sports and hiking make South Carolina state parks the perfect choice for your next group gathering and team building experience.

Search our park finder for a park that will suit your group's needs!

Perfect Parks

These parks offer great meeting space, beautiful scenery and more for your group: