Park Ranger Travis Sellers

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A Big Responsibility

The youngest of three boys, Travis Sellers grew up in Conway, South Carolina, just outside of Myrtle Beach. Travis, now a park ranger at Hamilton Branch State Park, has always been an avid lover of camping and the outdoors but had never considered a job with the park service until after his college graduation.

After receiving a degree in criminal justice from Horry-Georgetown Technical College, Travis says he was told about a job opening at Sesquicentennial State Park for a park ranger and jumped at the opportunity. He began work at Sesqui in the fall of 2006 and soon after advanced to a Ranger I at Aiken State Park. There, Travis was given greater responsibility including regular park maintenance, office paperwork and leading the canoeing and kayaking programs on the Edisto River.

“If I had to sum up my job in one phrase I would say that being a park ranger is a very big responsibility, but you always have the opportunity to learn things,” says Travis.

Travis now works as a Ranger II at Hamilton Branch where he is responsible not only for what goes on behind the scenes, such as managing the revenue generated through Reserve America, but also for ensuring the park provides a safe and family-friendly atmosphere for both campers and visitors.

Hamilton Branch is a fun and exciting place to work,” says Travis. “I get to interact with all kinds of visitors on a day-to-day basis and I never know what each day is going to bring.”

Although Travis’s duties are diverse and numerous, the hard work never seems to get to him. At least he can do it all with a view of the lake, he says.

Since the initial publication of this profile, Sellers has been promoted to Park Manager at Chester State Park