Restaurant Manager Ronisha Bundy

Park Service Profiles

From a golf course, skeet shooting range, archery range, meeting facilities to a restaurant, there are many moving parts to Hickory Knob State Resort Park. Thankfully, there are staff members like Ronisha Bundy, the Restaurant Manager, who ensure that everything goes smoothly and is in order. The Hickory Knob Restaurant is a full-service restaurant that serves buffet-style and menu orders for to up 150 people. As the restaurant manager, Ronisha handles a lot of the administrative work behind ensuring the successful operation. She contacts customers who may be interested in catering and businesses looking to bring their company into Hickory Knob to have a great time. In addition to many other tasks, Ronisha also manages inventory, waste products and staffing.

Ronisha who grew up in New Haven, Connecticut decided to apply to be the Front of the House Manager in 2018. After a couple of months, the park manger promoted her to Restaurant Manager, a position she has held for over a year. She is also currently enrolled at Strayer University to receive a bachelor’s degree in business with a focus in health administration. When asked what she finds most satisfying about her job she said, “I enjoy making sure customers are satisfied and pleased with their choice to eat at Hickory Knob Restaurant.” She enjoys connecting with customers and recounts the time she was on the phone and realized she and the person she was speaking with shared so many similarities. “We grew up in the same city and state, we both moved to the south in 2018 and the woman shared the same last name as my father’s family. We weren’t related and we didn’t know each other but we both found it so funny,” she said.

It is because of staff members like Ronisha that daily park operations are successful! Even though we believe she always is on top of her game, she said she would sum up her job with the phrase, “Stay ahead of the game.” Thank you Ronisha for all of your hard work!