Ranger Adrienne Bagwell

Park Service Profiles

The next time you visit Santee State Park, be sure to be on the lookout for Ranger Adrienne Bagwell. Ranger Bagwell began working in the South Carolina State Park Service after graduating from Piedmont Technical College with an associate degree in art and then Warren Wilson College with a degree in outdoor leadership. She started as an assistant ranger at Edisto Beach State Park and after a year and a half, later earned a full-time position there.

Ranger Bagwell considered being a park ranger because of her love for outdoors and people. One day she came down to visit family in Edisto and saw a help wanted sign for an Interpretive Ranger. Once she applied and completed her interview, the park decided to open up a. assistant ranger position just for her.  Ranger Bagwell says, “From there, everything fell into place.”

On a daily basis, Ranger Bagwell’s job duties range anywhere from opening and closing the park, patrolling the campground and cabin area, revenue tracking, maintenance and upkeep, conducting inspections, making reservations and so much more. “I like to say that by being a park ranger you do a little bit of everything. Every chance I get, I try to learn from the people around me. That’s why it’s so great to work within the park, because I’m always meeting new people and learning new skill sets,” Ranger Bagwell said.

Ranger Bagwell is a native of Greenwood, SC and says that out of the parks she’s worked at, Edisto Beach State Park was the most fun because she was able to watch the sun rise every morning and even after getting off, she would still have time to go lay on the beach or go fishing in the creeks. Thank you Ranger Bagwell, for your continued dedication and commitment to South Carolina State Parks.