Park Technician Byron Smith

Park Service Profiles

Park Technicians handle a lot of responsibility at state parks. From keeping the campgrounds clean, to performing maintenance repairs, the technicians play a large role in keeping our parks clean and running efficiently. With over 100 campsites, two camper cabins and a fishing pier, Lake Hartwell State Park has a lot to be maintained that, thankfully, park technicians like Byron Smith assist with.

Born in Waco Texas, Byron grew up all over, attending about 22 different schools before graduating from high school. Byron then decided, after retiring from the military, that he wanted to work outdoors and ended up landing a role as a park technician at Lake Hartwell State Park.  He hasn’t looked back since. Although he didn’t act on it until much later, Byron said it was the ACT that actually gave him the idea to work in parks. “After taking the ACT in high school, it gave me a list of career ideas and listed at #1 was a park ranger,” he said.

Out of all the things that Byron helps maintain, he said “making improvements to the park that campers can enjoy,” is his favorite. During the filming of Episode 8 of "A Day in the Life of Park Ranger" (watch below), Byron recounted the time he, along with another park staff member, made a unique addition to the park. “We were on the roof of the comfort station by the fishing pier removing some debris, when we looked behind the station and thought to ourselves, ‘man, a short trail leaving from park office to the fishing pier would be a nice addition for visitors! By that afternoon, we had already begun clearing out the path, and now it’s enjoyed by families when they visit the park,” Smith said.

Byron says that working in state parks has been very fulfilling. “Although the job may not be for everyone, if you enjoy the outdoors and working with the public, you will find this job very rewarding.” For over six years, Byron has been working at Lake Hartwell State Park and his dedication and hard work don't go unnoticed. Thank You, Byron!

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