Park Manager Troy Crider

Park Service Profiles

Troy Crider grew up in the South Carolina State Park Service as the son of a longtime park employee and has worked for the park service in one way or another throughout most of his life. When he graduated high school, he applied for a seasonal job at Myrtle Beach State Park. Robert Turner, a longtime state park veteran, offered him a job for the summer working in a variety of roles.  Mr. Turner nurtured his passion for parks, which helped Crider decide on parks as a career. He quickly transferred to Coastal Carolina University to pursue a degree in Parks and Leisure services.  Crider went on to earn a degree in Recreation and Leisure Service Management from Coastal Carolina University.

After Crider graduated from college, he moved on to work at Santee State Park, Edisto Beach State Park, Aiken State Park, Lee State Park, Woods Bay State Park and Cheraw State Park. After 22 years in the State Park Service, things have come full circle and Crider has returned to Myrtle Beach State Park as the park manager. We asked him to tell us a little about what he does as a park manager and Crider said: “As a park manager, you wear many hats and a have a great deal of responsibility not just for the guests and staff, but also for the resource itself.  With increased use and popularity, it is a challenge to meet demand without jeopardizing the resource.  Careful planning and attention is needed to be effective stewards of our states resources.  Perhaps the most satisfying park of my job is the diversity in the day-to-day demands of a park manager.  Every day brings on new challenges and new opportunities.” As a park manager, and in his years as a park ranger, Crider still finds introducing and educating visitors about the diverse cultural, historical and natural resources in the state the most satisfying part of his job.

We asked Crider if he would encourage others to pursue a career as a park ranger and he said: “If you like variety and have a passion for protecting, educating, and preserving our states treasures then absolutely.” The South Carolina State Park Service wouldn’t be what it is today without employees like Troy Crider. Thank you, Manager Crider, for all that you do!