Park Manager Eric Dusa

Park Service Profiles

H. Cooper Black Jr. Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area, is managed by Ranger Eric Dusa.  A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dusa is fairly new to the park service but brings over 20 years of outdoor knowledge through his prior roles as a Certified Golf course Superintendent and through his land management experience.  With a bachelor’s degree in crop and soil, Ranger Dusa has always had a passion and interest for outdoors.  This husband and father of two says the most satisfying thing about his job is seeing the various park visitors enjoying all that H. Cooper Black has to offer.

Not only does his love for parks spread to visitors, but encourages others to pursue careers in the park service, “I would encourage anyone that loves outdoors, interacting with the public and working with a great team to look into becoming a park service ranger.” With 7,000 acres of pine forest and field, his responsibilities as a park manger are extensive and when asked he said, “The most difficult portion of my job is balancing the time I spend on the 7,000 acres we have here with the time working in the office.” Overall, “this job can be challenging but at the end of a long day, very satisfying.”  Thank you for all you do, Ranger Dusa!