Margot Brooks at the South Carolina State House

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Meet Margot Brooks, the South Carolina State House Tour Office Manager! Margot grew up in Saluda, South Carolina, where she lives today with her husband Thomas, her children Reid, Boone,Anna and Witt, and lots of pets.

Many school children in South Carolina visit the S.C. State House during their third-grade year. This is where Margot’s love for history and the S.C. State House first began.

Margot graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in History and even wrote her final paper on the burning of Columbia during the Civil War. She started her career in education as a middle school South Carolina History Teacher but has also worked in parks, including the National Park Service, S.C. State Park Service and locally at Saluda Shoals Park.

Margot says she would often come with her children to tour the State House. When the position became available, she knew it was for her because it combined her love of the S.C. State House and S.C. State Parks. “My experience in education has made me comfortable with public speaking and teaching visitors about the history of our state capitol,” she says.

Like our state parks, each day in the State House is different. In a typical day, the State House tour office gives between six and 12 tours. They greet people from across the state, nation and the world. Inside the State House, school groups, tourists and, of course, legislators can be seen. Margot says, “as a manager, I get to train new employees, prepare schedules and make sure our visitors have a great experience. One thing I really love is when I get to spend some time researching a point of interest for a guest.” One of the most satisfying things about her job is seeing the look on the faces of school children as they take in the grandeur of the building. “You know that first impression will stay with them a lifetime,” she says.

The S.C. State House is unique because it is unlike any of our parks but represents the best of all of our state. Citizens from all parts of South Carolina come here and reflect what makes their area special – whether a great accent, friendly nature or charming stories. In the tour office there is a quote by Maya Angelou that says “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Margot says she feels like we should epitomize Southern Hospitality for each visitor that enters the S.C. State House.

Thank you so much Margot for your hard work and dedication to the S.C. State Park Service and S.C. State House. Watch Episode 16 of our "A Day in the Life" series to learn more about Margot and the S.C. State House.

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