Maintenance Supervisor Milan Burton

Park Service Profiles

Meet Milan Burton, the dedicated Maintenance Supervisor at Myrtle Beach State Park. At 55 years young, Milan brings a wealth of experience and a passion for serving both his community and his country.

Hailing originally from Ohio, Milan's career path has been nothing short of adventurous. After graduating from vocational school with a focus on agricultural mechanics, he embarked on a distinguished military career with the United States Air Force. Stationed across various states, from Texas to North Dakota, Milan served with distinction in roles ranging from law enforcement to missile security.

However, it was during his time in Ohio that Milan's personal life took a significant turn. A chance blind date led to a lifelong partnership with his wife Kelly, and together they raised two sons, Stephen and Alex. Their family also includes two beloved granddaughters and a furry companion named Max.

Milan's professional journey has been equally dynamic, spanning over 30 years in various construction roles. From digging basements to running water and sewer lines, his expertise in heavy highway construction, landscaping, and hardscaping has been honed through years of dedication and hard work.

"I started construction digging basements, running water and sewer main lines, gas lines, and downspout drainage for a small family-owned company for about four years. Then I joined the labor union and was in the union company for 11+ years working on heavy highway construction, schools, parking lots, stores, any and every type of construction you can think of. The Union company ended up going bankrupt and I decided to get out of the union and try something different. I started a job in landscape/hardscaping building outdoor living spaces, and then after 8 years, I decided to start my own business doing the same type of work." 

In 2013 while on vacation, Milan and his family made the decision to relocate to Myrtle Beach. It was here that Milan found a new calling with the South Carolina State Park Service. Starting as a Building Specialist at Myrtle Beach State Park, Milan quickly rose to the position of Maintenance Supervisor, overseeing a team of 14 staff members.

In his role, Milan's responsibilities are as diverse as the park itself. From managing campground operations to addressing maintenance issues and assisting with traffic control, Milan's dedication ensures that Myrtle Beach State Park remains a welcoming and well-maintained destination for visitors.

What Milan finds most satisfying about his job is the opportunity to connect with guests and witness the joy they experience at the park. Whether it's seeing families laughing and having a good time or receiving positive feedback on park improvements, Milan takes pride in his role in creating memorable experiences for visitors.

Outside of work, Milan and his wife are park enthusiasts, working towards becoming Ultimate Outsiders by visiting all of our state parks. Their shared passion for exploring the beauty of nature reflects Milan's commitment to preserving and enhancing the park experience for all.

As Milan continues to make a positive impact at Myrtle Beach State Park, his dedication, leadership, and warm demeanor serve as an inspiration to his colleagues and park visitors alike. Through his hard work and passion, Milan embodies the spirit of service that defines the South Carolina State Park Service.

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