Making Memories

Message From The Director

Looking back on my childhood, I’m certain one of my mother’s favorite phrases was, “Get my camera!” She loved to take pictures of every occasion, and even when there wasn’t an official one, a picture was still necessary just to capture the moment. Quite often the picture-taking was a bit much, and I vowed never to do this to my own children. Well time passes, things change and I must admit I now get just as excited as my mother did over snapping a few pictures. Rarely will you see me in a park without a camera, capturing the beauty that surrounds us.

I always tell my fellow state park service employees that we’re in the memory business. This summer is a great time to get started.  South Carolina State Parks has kicked off a year-long state parks photography contest. There are three different categories to participate in and prizes will be awarded to several winners. Capture the perfect shot of the spider lilies in bloom at Landsford Canal, an alligator posing on the causeway at Huntington Beach or generations of family members enjoying an annual trip to their favorite state park. Be sure to check out our website and follow us on Facebook for all of the details. We’re hoping you’ll participate in the photo contest and along the way take some great pictures that will serve as a reminder of a great summer.

Looking back, I wish I would have taken more pictures, and captured more moments. Today there are no excuses, as most of us carry a smart phone with us and we never have to worry about running out of film or waiting on pictures to be developed. Now that summer is here, come out and play, enjoy your parks and remember to capture your memories with a photo, so one day you can look back and smile.

Off to make some memories. See you in the parks!