Message From The Director

There’s something mystical about lighthouses. They are mysterious, yet romantic and inspiring. They are sentinels with an eye towards the sea, watching over the coastline they were built to protect more than a century ago.

The Hunting Island Lighthouse fits this description to a tee! In this, the year of our 75th anniversary, there is no better time than now to plan a visit to your own little island getaway, complete with a towering lighthouse standing guard.

Originally built in 1859, the Hunting Island Lighthouse marks a very special milestone birthday – the big 150 to be exact.

In that time, South Carolina’s lighthouse has witnessed hurricanes, nor’easters, wars and countless baby loggerheads making their way towards the mighty Atlantic. Most importantly, it has created memories for thousands of families who have seen her black-and-white tower from a distance and have climbed its 167 steps to enjoy the panoramic view from the top!

The structure also served as home to lightkeepers and their families. Many of them performed their duties out of love and devotion to the light that seemed to exude this magical power. Although these tasks were often mundane – from carrying oil up winding steps to the constant repairs needed to protect the lighthouse from nature’s elements – lightkeepers went about them selflessly and often unrecognized for their service.

They kept the light burning and the lighthouse standing tall as an icon for generations past and a symbol of hope for future generations.

In its 150th year, the lighthouse at Hunting Island has never looked better due to the unselfish spirit of her lightkeepers. In 2009 these “lightkeepers” are known as The Friends of Hunting Island.

Through their efforts, the lighthouse has a fresh coat of paint for this monumental birthday celebration and looks amazing! So mark your calendars to be a part of the 150 year celebration of the Hunting Island Lighthouse on Oct. 17-18, 2009. And thank you Friends of Hunting Island!

A special thanks to all of our Friends’ organizations throughout the state. Their projects are many, and their results profound. But most importantly, their efforts make a difference. If you would like to be a part of something special, join a state park Friends group today. Leave more than footprints…leave a legacy!

Parks with active Friends groups throughout the state include: Huntington Beach, Hunting Island, Edisto, Hampton Plantation, Charles Towne Landing, Paris Mountain, Kings Mountain, Landsford Canal and Andrew Jackson.

It’s spring! See you in the parks!