And It Rained

Message From The Director

And rained and rained. That pretty much sums up the summer of 2013. I came across a funny cartoon that read: “To think it only rained twice this summer, once for 45 days and again for 35 days.” Well that may be stretching it a bit, but this year’s record rain fall has really put a damper on a lot of outdoor activities. We are thankful that so many of you enjoyed your state parks this summer in spite of all the rain.

A lot of state park activities have actually been enhanced by all the rain. South Carolina's lakes and rivers are full and just waiting for boaters and anglers to enjoy. And you never know what you might see when you are on the lake, there’s the usual bird watching, fish jumping and great sunsets. Then there are the magical happenings.  I was recently at Santee State Park and watched a rain storm over the lake and then the most amazing site -- the development of a rainbow.  As the saying goes with the rain often comes a rainbow.

Another beneficiary of the rain are the waterfalls of the Upstate. Wow! I have never seen the waterfalls look more spectacular. The distinctive sounds of rushing waters over the rocks of the Middle Saluda, Matthews Creek and Carrick Creek, to name just a few, seem to be calling you to take notice and explore the beauty of the outdoors. The cascading waters off the rocks and ledges of the Blue Ridge Escarpment leave you in wonder.  If you're hiking a trail, look closely and you might even discover some “new falls.”  Small natural drainage areas and tributaries that are often dry or have little water, now are filled with water from the summer of 2013.

Summer is over, and fall is here, so let’s put the rain behind us and get outside and discover the benefits of all this rain.  Fall is one of the greatest seasons of the year in state parks!  From the color change that occurs in late October and early November, to all of the events that commemorate the season, fall is a spectacular time in South Carolina.  We’ll also have plenty of sunrises and sunsets at all of our parks, lots of star gazing and campfires and lots of memories just waiting on you.

Summer is over and it’s time to get outside and discover why South Carolina State Parks are “just right” this fall.