Family, Friends & Facebook

Message From The Director

State Parks have always been the perfect setting to re-connect with family and friends. As a Park Manager, I use to love seeing the family reunions at Santee State Park; the laughter was contagious as were the smiles. On a typical weekend in the summer, colorful tee shirts proudly displayed the family tree and name of the family, while relatives caught up and exchanged memories and photos.

Connecting with seldom seen family members or ones you only see once a year is a special way to celebrate your heritage. What better place to do that than in one of your state parks!

Reunions are about memories - memories from the past and the opportunity to create new ones. When asking reunion planners for advice on where to hold a reunion, they will quickly tell you that “The ideal reunion site is one which is accessible and affordable for the majority of those people you want to attend - a place where everyone can be comfortable and enjoy their time together.”

Sounds like a State Park to me! And with almost 40 parks to choose from with gathering facilities and a wide range of accompanying activities, there’s something for everyone.

If you are thinking about a family reunion or that reunion with friends who have a special place in your life visit our reunion site .

With the present state of the economy we have found that people are looking for ways to get back to the basics, affordable vacations and places to reconnect with family and friends.

The old fashioned picnic and hiking of a trail on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is making a comeback.

The opportunity to sit by the lake and reflect on the past week and share a story with a family member or a friend is a great prescription for a summer day. The great thing about spending time at the park is that the experience and memory last a lifetime.

We consider you part of our family and want to be a part of your next trip to a park. Seek out a park ranger and ask him to tell you something special about your park, have him or her take a picture with you and to take your groups picture!

Then we want to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite memory at a State Park, shareyour photos and stay connected to family, friends and to your state parks. We now have the perfect way for you to do just that. We invite you to stay connected on our Facebook site, post a comment, your favorite memory and add to our collection of photos!

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While the temperatures don’t reflect it, summer will be over before you know it , and it will be time for school and cooler temperatures, campfires and the signs of fall. So, make plans today for that family reunion or where you will make a memory that will last a lifetime! Pack a picnic and walking stick.

I will see you in the parks and on Facebook!