Celebrating The Journey

Message From The Director

During our 75th anniversary celebration we looked for ways to celebrate that were not only fun and meaningful but created great memories that would last a lifetime! We have experienced some wonderful signature events during the year and look forward to many more memory making events yet to come as we near the conclusion of our 75th celebration.


State Park Signature Events

During the year we enjoyed our State Park’s signature events including

  • The Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival at Huntington Beach State Park, Sept. 18-20
  • The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Hunting Island Lighthouse in Oct.
  • The arrival of fall with the annual hawk migration at Caesars Head State Park

If you didn’t get a chance to experience your state parks during our celebration, there’s still plenty of time to create a memory or two before the 75th party ends. And, we’re not going to stop providing golden opportunities for you to make new memories and reconnect with your state parks and each other as the years go by.

Passing on the Message

A few years back, we discussed how we might capture the idea that Parks are about memories and connections, places to reconnect with the things we value the most, family, friends and the natural and cultural resources that define our state.

We were looking for a way to inspire future generations to explore their state parks with a new appreciation of the 75 year history of State Parks in South Carolina.

But, how could we capture our past, celebrate our present and inspire people who may not know of the timeless beauty of their state parks? “How about a book!?” someone suggested.

A Showcase for Natural Beauty & History

A book would be great, but it had to be different - a book that would not only showcase the beauty of the parks but also tell the story of the history of South Carolina’s park system.

A book it is! But we were going to need some help, so off we went to explain the idea to valuable partners who have been supporters of our parks for years.

Our partners, BMW and Fuji Film, became more than just sponsors of our book, they became friends and advocates of South Carolina’s State Parks. Their commitment is symbolic of the journey that everyone involved in the book has taken; a journey of discovery and at times rediscovery of our state park system.

Beautiful Places, The Timeless Beauty of South Carolina State Parks

In the forward of Beautiful Places, South Carolina Naturalist Rudy Mancke sets the stage as he reminds us that the people of South Carolina have always had a strong connection with the land.

The past and the journey to the present are revealed in the comprehensive 75-year South Carolina State Park history chronicled by award-winning outdoor writer Cal Harrison.

Beautiful Places also includes reflections on our state park system and their potential by Chad Prosser, Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

And then there’s the pictures - they will take your breath away.

Noted photographer, jon holloway, captures the beautiful places that define our state and its timeless beauty. His artistic photographs of state park icons will amaze you - Hampton Plantation in the moonlight, the Hunting Island Lighthouse under the stars, a view from Caesars Head that captures true fall colors that even an artist couldn’t imagine.

Beautiful Places is a book that we are proud of and one that we hope you will enjoy. For a better look I invite you to flip through a few pages at www.beautifulplacesalliance.org.

Then join us on our journey. Purchase a book knowing that all the proceeds go to support your state parks. The book, Beautiful Places, The Timeless Beauty of South Carolina State Parks, is the perfect gift - one that is a great start for a journey through time and in celebration of your State Parks!

See you in the parks!