The Cure For Cabin Fever

Message From The Director

In last March's newsletter I wrote about that illness we get towards the end of winter in anticipation of spring. The dreaded “cabin fever”. The dictionary defines it as “a reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in, in a small space, with nothing to do, for an extended period. Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, and excessive sleeping.” Hmmm, sound familiar? The difference between this year and last is it's still January! The snow and ice during the week of January 10th that closed schools, limited travel and had us wishing for the warm signs of spring, has given me a severe case of cabin fever.

So what to do? Here’s a prescription sure to cure the 2011 version of cabin fever.

First, try and enjoy the season. If you have never hiked a trail in the winter months, it's worth doing. The forest and all of its features take on a different look under winter's watch. Then there’s camping, where a campfire is not only the centerpiece of conversation under a winter sky but essential for warmth as well.

Speaking of the winter sky, one of my favorite things to do is star gaze. The stars seem brighter in the winter months because there is less starry haze. In the winter, we face away from the haze of the Milky Way, towards the part of the galaxy where the sun resides. The result is a clearer sky, where there seem to be more prominent and brighter stars than in the summer time. The best place to witness the winter sky is far away from city lights and other light pollution. A state park is the perfect place to go! You'll be amazed at how many more stars you can see from one of our 47 state parks. So bundle up, head to a state park and look up!

Now it’s time to write yourself a prescription, let’s see….


The cold days and overcast skies.

The Cure

Sunny days, warm breezes at Myrtle Beach, Huntington Beach, Edisto Beach and Hunting Island state parks.


Snow, cold rain, and a week out of school.

The Cure

Trails, camping, picnics, Junior Rangers and a Park Palooza!

It's time to cure your cabin fever and plan a visit to a state park. It’s never too late to make a reservation for that perfect vacation or family gathering. Visit our parks website for your best cure for cabin fever…Come out and play!

See you in the Parks!