Not Easy Being Green

Message From The Director

I can remember watching Kermit the Frog with my children and listening to him singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Well, Kermit was right, it’s not always easy being green, but it’s definitely rewarding!

Our nation recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. South Carolina State Parks believes we have a responsibility not only to the earth but to all of her residents.

For years, most of your state parks have had a recycling program. Recycling takes commitment not only from our visitors, but from communities and the park service. One of the sites that did not recycle was Hunting Island. Yes, Hunting Island, one of our most visited sites, and one where our visitors really wanted to see a program implemented.

Well, I am pleased to announce that S.C. State Parks have launched a statewide recycling program. The South Carolina State Park Service will become one of the first state park systems in the country to offer recycling services for paper, plastic, aluminum and glass commodities at all of our parks. Our partners are the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control (DHEC), Palmetto Pride, the statewide anti-litter non-profit organization, and Sonoco Recycling Inc. of Hartsville, an international provider of recycling products and services. And of course you -- our visitor!

Because of the remote locations of some of our parks and the economic realities of the recycling business, we have not been able to collect and send off recyclable materials as we’ve wished, until now. While we have been recycling for a long time. What makes this development most important is that we are now able to have a significant recycling program at all 47 of our state parks -- now that’s green! So, on your next trip to a state park remember to recycle and be green.

Being green is about so much more than just recycling, it’s protecting and utilizing the very resources that make our state and your state parks so special. It’s a new LEED certified building at Charles Towne Landing. It is using sustainable building techniques and materials on new projects, and conserving water at Caesars Head. It is park rangers walking more and driving less. It's wildlife management and prescribed burning, and making sure that the very resources you enjoy today will be here for the next generation of state parks users.

Kermit was right, it’s not easy being green, but it’s worth it.

Green is the color of spring, and big as the mountains, tall like a tree or green like the ocean. And my favorite… green can be cool! Enjoy the outdoors and just look at all the green, from the trees to the grass, to the clinging moss on the rocks beside a running stream.

On your next trip, look for other signs of the greening of your state parks, and join us --green is cool!

See you in the parks!