Message From The Director

The first full weekend in February sent me a great reminder of why it’s so great to live in South Carolina! Beautiful weather!

Remember the ketchup commercial featuring Carly Simon’s great song, “Anticipation," and the anxious moments awaiting the first drop out of the bottle? The first full weekend of February provided me with the same feeling - anticipation of spring!

The weather was great, mid 70s in most of our state and the “anticipation” of spring has begun! Oh, cold and dreary days are still ahead, but the anticipation of spring has certainly arrived. Now it’s March, and warm weekends are the norm and not the exception.

Subtle signs of spring are everywhere. The birds are singing a bit louder, the brown grass of winter is turning green and the flowering trees are beginning to bud with signs of rebirth. After a seemingly long winter with cold temperatures and dreary days – some associated more with the economy that the weather – the change of seasons in indeed a welcome sight.

South Carolina in spring is worth the wait. A quick glance through the woods finds flowering dogwoods that dot the landscape like splashes of snow against the emerging green palette. Yellow Jessamine hangs from the treetops, wildflowers carpet the ground and the warming sun beckons you to “come out and play.”

The mind starts wandering with thoughts of a hike to a picturesque waterfall or a walk through the marsh. A campfire with roasting marshmallows! A kayak or canoe trip along a slow moving scenic river. That fishing trip you’ve been talking about or a ride on the lake in a motor-powered boat. Yes, spring is almost here!

What’s the best way to overcome the “anticipation” of spring? By making plans now to be a part of spring 2009!

Opportunities abound for those of us who need a little spring magic after a long winter. Your state parks are more than just campsites, cabins, trails and picnic tables. They're places of reflection and renewal - state treasures that inspire and remind of us of what’s important in our lives.

We call it back to the basics, a chance to reconnect with family, friends and your state. With an increasingly sluggish economy, the natural and cultural resources found in South Carolina state parks are a great value and the perfect settings for such gatherings.

Visit for a complete list up upcoming program. Or better yet, pack up the family and visit a state park with no agenda other than quality time spent in the great outdoors. Before you know it, you’ll be making family memories to last a lifetime.

Find a trail, skip a rock or spend the night by a campfire under a star-filled sky that evokes memories of campfires of your youth. Soon you’ll reconnect with the little things you forgot were so important – the sound of laughter, the beauty of nature. But don’t take my word for it. Glance through pictures from our photo contest and see what you’re missing. You’ll be glad you did.

Anticipation …. Spring is almost here, and just in time!

See you in the parks this spring!