Featured Ultimate Outsiders Donna & Betty Edgeworth

Learn a little more about two of our Ultimate Outsiders, Donna and Betty Edgeworth, from Scranton, SC.

Donna and Betty Edgeworth

How long did it take to visit all 47 parks?

It took 50 days the first go-round.  On the second go-round, we have it planned to finish in nine months and 24 days.

Favorite park?

It is hard to narrow down, but Huntington Beach holds a special place in my heart since that is where my love of South Carolina's state parks began.

Any stories from your travels?

I had rented a villa at Devils Fork when it started to snow up there.  I had a great time taking pictures while the snow was falling, but we had to cut our vacation short because we were told it can be difficult to get off the mountain when it snows.  My mom, Betty, and I were packed and out in less than 30 minutes.  On a positive note, since we had to leave, that led to another trip back to see the Oconee Bells when they were blooming in the spring.

Anything else to add?

The good thing about doing the Ultimate Outsider program is that it let me fall in love with nature and the outdoors.  Before I started getting interested in the state parks, you couldn't have paid me to walk in the woods.