Jr. Ranger Games

Games a Junior Ranger Will Love

Below are some fun activities, word games and coloring pages designed just for you! All you have to do is click on the link and print the page. So what are you waiting for? Fun and games are just a click away!

Fun Activities

MAZE - See you if can help Parker the Squirrel find his way out!
BIRD SHADOWS - Test your skills to see if you can match each bird to its shadow.
ANOTHER DAY AT THE PARK - Do you know your park symbols?
A WALK IN THE WOODS – A two-player board game takes you hiking all over South Carolina parks. Be careful not to get lost!

Word Games

WORD SCRAMBLE - Help us get our parks straightened out.
CROSSWORD - Get these animals where they belong!
WORD FIND – Can you find all of the words?
STATE PARK WORD GAME 1 – Use the pictures to put these parks in their place!

Coloring Pages

LIGHTHOUSE - Color the famous Hunting Island Lighthouse.
PADDLING - Get your crayons ready, this river needs some color!
PALMETTO TREE - This state symbol is ready to be filled in.
SNAKE – What color will your snake be?
WOODPECKER – Try your best to stay in the lines.