Share in the thrill of archaeological discovery! Watch as archaeologists unearth artifacts at two of South Carolina’s earliest historic settlements in the New World. Special archaeology programs help visitors understand the tools archaeologists use to unearth and analyze artifacts and architecture in order to recreate the lives and culture of past generations. Head out to a state park archaeological dig and get a taste of archaeological discovery.

A Time Capsule Look at Colonial Living

Watch a 17th/18th century town emerge from the past as archaeologists uncover one of the richest sites in South Carolina at Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site.  On most weekends, you can observe archaeologists as they sift through the remains of a town that included houses, markets, a school, a church, a boat yard and more. One of the most complete archaeological records of colonial America, Colonial Dorchester is a time capsule waiting for you!

The Birthplace of South Carolina

At Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, archaeologists continue to trace the footprint of the initial Charles Towne settlement, the first successful English settlement in the Carolinas established in 1670. The “birthplace of South Carolina,” the settlement strongly influenced Southern culture and American history.

The park features an interpretive trail; Adventure, the replica of a 17th-century trading ship; and an Animal Forest, a habitat zoo featuring animals the first permanent European settlers in the Carolinas would have encountered when they arrived in 1670.

Archaeology Newsletter

Check here each quarter for the latest edition of ArchNews, our SC State Park archaeology newsletter. The newsletter will give you updates on what's going on at Charles Towne Landing and Colonial Dorchester, as well as special feature articles you are sure to "dig".