Discover History Program Andrew Jackson State Park

We invite you and your students to visit the boyhood home of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.  Within Andrew Jackson State Park you will find a museum with a small gift shop, two nature trails, a replica 18th century schoolhouse, a lake, a campground, an amphitheater, a Meeting House, a playground and two picnic shelters.  The museum contains exhibits that reveal life in South Carolina’s backcountry during the late 18th century and the story of how growing up in this settlement produced our Seventh President.  On the museum grounds, view a bronze sculpture of Andrew Jackson as a teenager by Anna Hyatt Huntington and the Daughters of the American Revolution marker recognizing his birthplace. 

Andrew Jackson’s experience growing up on the land that the park now encompasses shaped “Old Hickory” into the man that became the “Hero of New Orleans” and our nation’s seventh president.  Discover how life in the Carolina Backcountry during American Revolution shaped a national icon as you tour our exhibits and participate in hands-on activities.

Contact Details

Laura Ledford, Interpretive Ranger
Park Office & Museum: (803) 285-3344

Field Trips

1st/2nd Grades
4th Grade


  • 1-25 students $40
  • 26-40 students $80 
  • 41-60 students $120

How to book

Contact the park interpreter to book a Discover Carolina program at least four weeks prior to the time that you would like to visit the park with your students.

Please note, that we do not offer field trips every day of the year.  Staff and volunteer schedules, preparation for park events, and the weather limit our available dates.

Please be prepared to give the park interpreter the following information:

  • Your name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Names of other teachers and the size of their classes
  • School name, address and phone number
  • List of possible dates for your visit
  • Programs that you would like to do
  • Approximate arrival and departure times
  • Do you plan to eat lunch during that time while you are at the park?
  • How do you plan to pay the programming fee?  When do you plan to pay?  The park accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and checks made payable to Andrew Jackson State Park.

If you would like to reserve a picnic shelter for lunch, please contact the park, call 1-866-345-7275 or make your reservation online.  Shelter rental is not included in the cost of the programming.  If a picnic shelter has not be reserved for the day, it is available on a first-come, first-served basis at no cost.  Your students may also sit on the museum lawn to eat lunch.

Make arrangements with the park interpreter to check out the pre-site activity kit for each program.  Each kit has an inventory list.  Please review the inventory list with a park staff member to ensure that all items are in the kit.  If an item is missing or damaged, the borrower will be held accountable for those items.  The kit should be returned on the day of your park visit.


  • We require at least 1 chaperone per 8 students. Teachers and chaperones receive free admission to the program and to the park.
  • Younger siblings should not attend the program.
  • Teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervising students.  The park staff and volunteers are responsible for instruction for your students.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the museum or schoolhouse.
  • Please notify the park if you are running late, if possible.  A late arrival may necessitate a shortened program.
  • Please remember to allow the students to answer questions during the programs.  The material presented may be very familiar to you, but it could be new to the students so they need more time to think and consider their answers.
  • If there is time after all programming is completed for the day, students may be admitted to the gift shop in groups of four with a chaperone. 

Directions to Field Trip Location

Andrew Jackson State Park is located at 196 Andrew Jackson Park Road, Lancaster, SC 29720

From I-77 Southbound: Exit onto S.C. Hwy. 5 E. Follow S.C. Hwy. 5 until it intersects with U.S. Hwy. 521 N. Turn left onto U.S. Hwy. 521 N. The park is located ½ mi. on the right, 9 mi. N. of Lancaster. 

From I-77 Northbound: Exit onto S.C. Hwy. 9 E toward Richburg. Take Hwy. 9 until it intersects with Hwy. 521 Go N. on Hwy 521 through Lancaster. Park is 9 mi. N. of Lancaster.

Facilities Available

At Andrew Jackson State Park, you will find a museum with a small gift shop, two nature trails, a replica of a 18th century schoolhouse, a playground, an 18-acre lake, a 25 site campground, an amphitheater, a Meeting House and two picnic shelters.  The museum contains exhibit rooms that reveal life in South Carolina’s backcountry during the late 18th century and the story of how growing up in this setting produced our Seventh President.  On the museum grounds, you will find a bronze sculpture of the young Andrew Jackson by Anna Hyatt Huntington, a Daughters of the American Revolution marker recognizing the birthplace of Andrew Jackson and a monument to Elizabeth Jackson, the president’s mother.

What to Wear

Dress for the weather. We will be outside in uncovered areas for portions or all of the program. Everyone should wear closed toed shoes.  The museum has heat and air conditioning.  The schoolhouse is not heated or cooled.  School Days and Scholars in the Backcountry will require students to use ink, which may stain their clothing.  To be safe during the Lighting Up The Past candle-dipping activity, students should avoid loose fitting clothes and those with long hair should put it up.


Park Rangers are First Aid/CPR/AED certified.  We have an AED located in the park museum as well as fire extinguishers and first aid kits thorough the park.  There is a water fountain next to the park museum.  Restrooms are located near Shelter #1.  Fire ants, wasps and bees are a part of the eco-system at the park. While the park manages these as best they can, teachers should be aware of their presence and ensure that you are prepared to care for students with allergies. Your students may also be exposed to smoke which can affect those with allergies or asthmatics. Please bring a first-aid kit and student medications with you on the field trip.

Please make sure that students watch for cars on our roads and in our parking lots.
If you attend a program with a weapons demonstration, please tell your students to listen very carefully to the ranger’s instructions.  Those with sensitive hearing may want to cover their ears or bring ear protection.

If you are participating in Lighting Up The Past or if the temperature is cold, your students will be around open fires, please discuss fire safety with them prior to the day of your trip to the park.
The Little Schoolhouse is not ADA accessible.  If you have students with mobility issues, please inform the park interpreter when you book School Days or Scholars in the Backcountry.