Campground Cooking

Campfire cooking is an art, and until you have experienced it, some aspects of it can be rather difficult to explain. It’s really more about the fellowship and fun that takes place at the campsite and around the campfire than about the food itself.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, some of the food can be more flavorful than what you’d find in the best, white tablecloth restaurant, but it’s the gathering and the sharing and the stories that form around the cooking that memories are made of and that somehow even make the food taste better.

Mealtime during a camping trip is often the highlight of a camper’s day. You can purchase all sorts of new whiz bang camping equipment and stoves and other contraptions to make your campfire cooking easier and improved, but to tell the truth, a good old campfire in a fire ring made from wood or charcoal is still often the very best way to cook.

Some utensils or items that are necessary or make cooking easier around a campfire are aluminum foil, sticks for roasting items such as marshmallows or hotdogs, and cookware such as pots or boilers and frying pans. Cast iron pans that are already seasoned work great!

You will want to make sure you have a grill or rack over your fire to sit your pots and pans on if you use conventional cookware. Items wrapped in foil such as potatoes work great just by placing the packets directly on the hot coals.

I bet you’re thinking there’s only a limited amount of dishes you can cook over a campfire, and you would be absolutely wrong! The sky’s the limit when it comes to campfire cooking. You can stay basic with a hotdog, potatoes and beans or you can get as fancy and gourmet as peach enchiladas, spicy glazed pineapple chops, or scallops, corn and basil. Hungry yet?

So break out that camping equipment, grab a few friends, head on over to a state park near you, set up your campsite and get ready to campfire cook. It’s guaranteed that you will be satisfied from the food and the fellowship.

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